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If I Was In Charge of Buzzfeed Quizzes

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Everyone has done or seen or at least heard about the infamous online Buzzfeed and/or Facebook quizzes. The ones where you find out what kind of pizza you are or who were in a previous lifetime (based solely upon your name, gender and their amazing algorithms)! Most people don’t take these too seriously and a lot make fun of them and, yet, everyone I know has taken one. Most proudly post their results for all to see.

So, eventually, I took one. Then another and another. I was hooked. Now, my resume has been updated to include that I am the color red, I was Abraham Lincoln in a previous life and I will be married to Will Ferrell within five years and expecting twins. Before all this goes down in my future, I think the job title “Quiz Originator” is pretty awesome. And I KNOW I would be fantastic at that job!

I took the liberty of creating a few quizzes for my interview and I have listed them here for input and constructive criticism. I don’t have any time for straight criticism so keep that in mind. And Buzzfeed, don’t even think about stealing my creations.

  1. Take this short quiz to find out if you’re as dumb as you look!
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2. Which STD matches your personality?

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3. Which medication do you look like? (Answer is always Valtrex)

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4. Take this quiz to find out if you like potatoes or carrots more!

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5. Which Jonas Brother do you smell like?

I know Buzzfeed will be impressed. In addition to these gems, I have an abyss of untapped quizzes just waiting to be let out of me. Don’t worry though, when I’m famous, I won’t forget where I came from.


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