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The Day My Last F&$k Flew Away

We have all seen them before. People that just don’t care what other people think and don’t care what other people do. We will make fun of them but deep down be jealous of the dangerous and free way they live their lives. They sure do look happy though, we would think to ourselves. They better enjoy it now because they’ll be burning in hell soon for having all that fun. What a ridiculous notion!

I know we are a product of our environment but how can people really believe some of the things they believe. So you’re telling me that you really believe that your kind and loving God is going to send a baby straight to hell because they were not baptized? Or someone else straight to hell for loving the same sex or somebody other than their spouse? But yet you want to shout, “We are all sinners!” at every breath. The hypocrisy is too much for me sometimes. If people. would just sit down and think about things logically instead of blindly following what they’re told to believe in, the world would be a totally different place. And no, I don’t like granola and I’m not a hippie but I love the people that are and I love everyone else too because if you do what you want to do and you’re truly happy with it , then do it . But I have a hard time believing that a lot of people I know are really happy deep down. They squish their instinct or natural behaviors down to follow societies norms. I will lose friends over this post. I don’t care.

I used to be a lot different than I am now but now I am very close to being one of those IDGAF people. As of now, the only things I really care about anymore are my family, children and animals. The opinions of strangers are not on the list anymore.

It is hard to worry about impressing people after you experience a traumatic death. You realize suddenly how short life is. Do you want to spend it meeting societies expectations? Or living by a code that some guy wrote 1200 years ago? Or do you want to follow your natural instinct and do what you want to do as long as you are hurting no one else? That is where I am at now in my life. Going forward, I will be living my life according to how I see fit. My husband and I are on the same page so that won’t be a problem. As for the rest of the people who worry about what kind of purse they have instead of what kind of person they are, it is time to let them go.

I don’t have the time in my life left to waste on non-precious people and non-precious moments.

I didn’t literally see my last f$&k fly away but I felt it.


Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Micro-Investor and Finance Specialist. Enjoys sarcasm, wit, wine and writing. Dogs are the answer to everything.

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