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Life’s Essentals

Life Essentials

It is common knowledge that my opinions and advice are sought the world over. Presidents, the smart ones, have called to seek the level-headedness that only I can offer. Owls stop hooting when I walk past, because they know they have been overshadowed by my genius.

Ok, I’m full of shit. I do often think about what makes up the best parts of my life. The little things that I look forward to or the big items that make my life worth living. I’m not talking about family or loved ones because that is an obvious given and the main driving force in my galaxy.

I’m speaking of the other things. The ones people take for granted or minimize as being trivial, despite the impact they bring. I want to practice gratefulness and honor these subjects of my affection.

A Best Friend

There is nothing more valuable than a best friend or friends. We all need someone other than our family or spouse to lean on, vent to, or make trouble with. I am lucky to have several best friends from childhood and a few new friends I couldn’t do without.


Everyone needs to feel wanted and desired. It is not a need, but it sure feels like one sometimes. We all love the rush of falling in love. Being pursued makes us feel worthy in a way that other things cannot. It fades and is not the most important thing in a relationship, but desire can be ignited if parties try hard enough.

Men also need to feel desired. They get tired of having to do all the pursuing and appreciate the feeling of knowing they are wanted, just as we do.

High Thred Count Sheets

Some people, particularly men, don’t care about this, but I consider it to be one of life’s greatest luxuries. There’s nothing better than getting in to a bed with clean sheets on after you have just shaved your legs. Men, if you haven’t tried this you need to give it a try one time at least.

Hygiene Materials

No one, especially women and young ladies, should have to go without the proper access to hygienic materials. In some countries,some women are still banished to a period hut during their cycle. Sitting there alone for 3 to 7 days, they free bleed with no access to anything for pain or cleanliness.

Here in America, there are countless women who can’t afford the monthly materials for their menstruation. If we can throw condoms at teenagers, we should be able to supply sanitary supplies to our young ladies and women.

Emotional/Creative Release

We all need an outlet to express our emotions and/or creativity. My outlet, first and foremost, is humor and sarcasm. Writing is a close second. Without these, I would either be the most angry, frustrated woman in America or the most boring. Either way, I don’t want to live my life like that.


I can’t imagine getting through life without a sense of humor. Humor alone has gotten me through the very worst moments of my life. It helps that I have the sense of humor is a 12 and a boy. There’s literally nothing I cannot find to laugh about. Some of it’s not funny at all

Unconditional love

Otherwise known as a mother. Everyone needs that soft place to land. They need that one person who is always there no matter what. Someone that will go to battle for them whether they need the backup or not.

Everyone needs to feel like a priority to someone, sometimes.

This is my list of things I believe that people need. Obviously, I could keep on listing a lot more. Life‘s necessities are subjective. For instance, Gold Bond powder is not a big deal to me. That doesn’t take away from all the men that have sweaty balls, though. We see you, men. But this is not your list, is it?


Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Micro-Investor and Finance Specialist. Enjoys sarcasm, wit, wine and writing. Dogs are the answer to everything.

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