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  • No More Mrs. Nice Gal: Introducing The New Improved Me
    My decision to join the ones I couldn’t beat The old me, from yesterday, was a nice, spineless idiot. The new version of me will be ruthless and successful by any means necessary, legal or otherwise. Unless it comes down to having to kick a puppy. I’m not doing that. I would love to make you a list […]
  • How To Get Banned From Arbys
    One wouldn’t think it would be so easy to get banned from the roast beef sandwich restaurant chain. Otherwise known as Arby’s. Turns out, it is easier than most of my goals have been thus far. And I only failed once before I was successful
  • Has Christmas Cheer Evolved Into Christmas Greed?
    I ask the questions and I also answer them. It’s like talking to yourself, but in writing If I ask a question and then answer it myself, does that mean I am impatient? No. It means I am either asking a rhetorical question, or trying to have a conversation with my sister. Could I get ahead financially if […]
  • Living A Beautiful Life With No Vision
    Protect your time, for it will not come again. Need nothing, for you alone are the source of all you need.
  • Suicide
    She still speaks with reason.
  • My Teen Son’s First Heartbreak: Evil In The Form Of A Girl
    I still want to serve her a heaping dose of punishment, but I have to believe that karma will come for her eventually.
  • Love Without Shame: My Brilliant And Loved Lesbian Daughter
    Looking back, my children and I would’ve been a lot better off if I had been with someone that wasn’t a dirtbag and made me happy, regardless of gender.
  • Weapons Of Mass Seduction: Amazing New Sex Toys
    A felony may only last a moment, but memories last a lifetime.
  • Terrible, Dumb, And Irresponsible Losers With No Routine
    I have a real bone to pick with the people that think they’re better than everybody else because they wake up at 5 AM ready to walk, jog, and do CrossFit. Good for you, Karen
  • All The Little Children
    Small and mighty This poem was originally posted on Medium. Original posting The product of a love that will never die. Note how easy they are to overlook. Strong but fragile, resilient but breakable. The seeds of your heart left to run wild. Let them, before the wildness is banished. Rearing is much easier when you threaten the […]
  • Felony Prevention: Amazing, Easy And Practical Ways to Manage Stress
    How I cope with working with the public and much, much more I manage 185 properties in addition to doing financial consulting, credit repair, and real estate. I also write a blog and write for Medium. When I’m not working, I have a husband, four children, two step-children, two dogs, two birds, and a turtle to take care […]
  • How To Become The Amazing Mother Your Daughter Deserves
    Instead of hiding behind closed doors and praying for a better world, we should all be working diligently to create one.
  • 10 Will Ferrell Quotes To Use In Daily Conversations
    Even though I am wildly disagreed with, I believe the biggest genius of my generation is Will Ferrell. Please realize most of the people that disagree with my opinion of him are humorless. I realize that his goofy humor may be off putting to some. But as a fellow humor expert, I recognize his desire to change the world through laughter and happiness.
  • 3 Ways To Let Down That Man At The Gas Station
    How to let him know you can’t love him like he deserves I am a creature of routine. Every morning, I stop at the same gas station on the way to work to get my coffee or snacks or gas. Yes, I know this is a frivolous expense. I decided to cut corners elsewhere, OK? Back off. Anyway, […]
  • 9 Valuable Hacks To Make Cleaning Absolutely Easy
    We have to clean, but we don’t have to like it More cleaning tips and hacks from the laziest housekeeper in America or, quite possibly, the world. You are welcome in advance. If there is a lazy, fast way to clean something, I’ll find out about it. And then, I’ll write an article about it. There are actually […]
  • Amazing Tested Responses For Rejecting Dumb Pick Up Lines
    When a simple no will not suffice I like the smell of the autumn air, the taste of wine, the sound of a baby laughing, and the sight of a douchebag getting put in his place. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a mean or evil person. But, as someone with a vagina, I get tired of […]
  • How Tragedy Turned My Life Around Positively
    My sister’s death from cancer opened my eyes to life “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” — T.S. Elliot My sister’s death from sudden, aggressive lung cancer changed who I am as a person forever. I know, without a doubt, that I will never be the same […]

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