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Three Apps That Changed My Life

My name is Kylie, and I have a problem. I’m addicted to iPhone apps. I browse the App Store every single day and download at least one or two apps. That means I have tried a whole lot of apps! I tend to gravitate toward the productivity and finance apps the most. However, I do love a good photo app too!

The other day, my son asked me which one of my million apps that I liked the best. After reflecting on this for a very long time, I narrowed my favorite apps down to the following three.

1. Digit – for a small fee, the Digit app will set aside change and save money for you. All you have to do is sign up and link your bank account and let the money pile up. A few weeks later after installing the app, check the app and you’ll be surprised to see a new chunk of savings that feels like it came from nowhere! I love, love this app. (

2. Tody – I didn’t spell that wrong. My house would be a pigsty without the help with this app. It comes pre-filled with chores but you can add custom ones to fit your specific household needs. It has a meter for each chore. Green means it was done/cleaned recently, yellow means that it needs attention and red means that $&@t is dirty! This app is invaluable to a person like me who functions only with the help of list (another addiction of mine). You can find this app in your play store.

3. Long game – This one is also a savings app but it has games that are scratch off and lotto like that allow you to win money that goes into a savings account set up for you. You can set up these accounts for specific items or goals for your future. So basically, you are playing games to save money instead of playing games to lose money! I have not thrown any money away on lottery since getting this app.(

I hope these apps help readers like the apps have helped me. I will talk about the one’s that have taken all my money and ruined my budget at a later date.


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