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Society Is Crumbling

Statue of Liberty laying on street

The COVID-19 virus and pandemic totally shook the world to its core. Everything we thought was sacred and safe all of a sudden wasn’t anymore. People started turning on each other and against the government that was failing them with each new regulation that passed.

Our work, our kids’ lives, and our social lives have all taken a huge hit. Many have lost their jobs and some have lost most, if not all, of their income. The stimulus relief provided by the government helped for a minute, but more help is drastically needed. Jobs are still being lost and companies are shutting down consistently.

Now, here we are with no end in sight. People are still out for each other’s throats online and in politics. Our governor, in Georgia, is suing for people not to be able to wear a mask. Therefore, it’s logical to assume he wants everyone to get sick.

Virus numbers continue to rise and conspiracy theories are being speculated on left and right as to the reason for this. Conspiracy theory rumors are everywhere and mistrust of the government is at an all time high. Are there really more COVID cases or are we just showing this increase as a result of having more access to testing and/or healthcare facilities? Are so many people really still dying from it or are hospitals trained to now state COVID as cause of death for everything in order to get some kind of funding or grant?

We have a local community center that provides a drive up mobile testing site for locals to go for testing at their leisure. I had a friend that went there two weeks ago and stood in line for a couple hours after registering. He finally got fed up and left. Much to his surprise, he got a letter in the mail a few days later telling him he had tested positive for COVID. He was very confused as he had no test done. His story has quickly spread in our community and his is just one of many that make us suspicious.

More and more people start hearing stories like this. The question is what would be the motive behind this? None of us can figure that out. We are just all ready for our lives and our kids lives to get back to normal. Living in fear on a daily basis has caused many of us to become desensitized to the virus.

It’s time for some answers.


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