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Date Night – Extreme Edition

Photo by Canva

1. Zoo & Brew

This date involves going to the zoo for the semi-annual zoo and brew event they host. I’m sure there is one close enough for most to drive to. Mine is an hour away. You are able to taste and buy different beers all while strolling hand in hand to watch the animals sleep or have their backs turned to you. Extreme Version — dress up like animals and make animal noises at everyone (including the real animals) all night.

2. Boat Ride

Go on a romantic boat ride in the moonlight on your closest body of water with your love. If he craves excitement, I know he will get turned on by you pretending (dressing and talking) to be Crocodile Dundee all night. If you don’t know who that is, just pretend to be Steve Erwin or, better yet, watch the movie and become cultured.

3. Drive In Movie

Travel to your closest drive-in movie spot for a double feature at twilight. You can spend the evening cuddled up in the car, cuddling, and snacking. Or you can walk around and obstruct the views of others until there is a symphony of honking going on if that is up your alley. I know some of you may get your rocks off by causing trouble.

4. Park & Snap

Take a drive to the nearest park that every town has and park the vehicle. Stay inside the car or go sit and on a bench. Start snapchatting all the losers working out or doing weird stuff. This is like people watching, but more fun because you have physical evidence of what you saw to share with the world.

5. Bookstore

Head on down to your local bookstore. Grab a pumpkin spice latte or some other basic coffee drink and look at all the dirty pictures in the books. Another great option is to leave notes in books for future readers. Use your imagination but here are a few ideas: God is watching you, If you find this note Pee Wee has me, I know what you did, etc.

6. Baseball

Baseball is by far my favorite sport with college football coming in a close second. But even if you aren’t a fan of sporting events, grab your honey and go to a local game of some kind. The environment is usually very casual with a lot of beer drinking and hollering. That’s why it’s especially fun to go attired in formal wear and bring a classy element to the party. It confuses everyone around and you will be the talk of the evening!

7. Downtown Art

In my town, downtown is where most of the happening places are at. I don’t get to go there often because my husband complains about the twenty minute drive. His logic is, why go there when Applebees is three blocks away? So, I really get excited to go downtown. I like to take sidewalk chalk and create masterpieces on the sidewalks since downtown is already a plethora of multi-media artwork. My husband enjoys this also. I don’t draw genitalia like my sister does, but whatever floats your boat.

8. Cookies

Stay home and order a movie (or Netflix and chill if that’s better) but before the flick, have a cookie bake-off. Bring your best recipes to the table. Note: If your best recipe includes marijuana, let your partner know ahead of time. It could get ugly if you don’t.

I hope this quick list helps to add some spice to your life. It is hard work maintaining anything in your life (just ask my car), but the benefits far outweigh the trouble.


Real Estate Agent, Landlord, Micro-Investor and Finance Specialist. Enjoys sarcasm, wit, wine and writing. Dogs are the answer to everything.

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